Beauty tips from photography perspective

Here are a few beauty tips and recommendations. We are not beauty professionals, but after shooting numbers of weddings we do have a few tips for your wedding photos!

If you’re going to get a spray tan, do a practice run first AND do your wedding tan at least two days in advance. Avoid looking orangey in photos by doing a practice run and not getting the tan too close to the wedding!

Don’t wear tank tops the summer of your wedding. Tan lines with strapless or backless dresses are not fun! There are some things that makeup artists can do to cover up tan lines, but it can’t be taken out completely. Our advice is to BE CAREFUL when you’re out in the sun. No tank tops or swimsuits with straps!

On your wedding day, wear a little more makeup than your day-to-day wear. It’s your wedding day so you want your makeup look stunning in person and in photos! A little extra makeup when applied right looks great in pictures. Even if you’re going for a natural look, a professional wedding makeup artist knows how to apply makeup in a way that’s very natural but also bridal and great for photos.

Nice eyelashes make a huge difference in photos, but be careful what you choose.

a. We recommend getting the semi-permanent eyelash extensions. With these you don’t have to worry about messy mascara or raccoon eyes on your wedding day or honeymoon. Eyelash extensions are applied to each individual eyelash to create a natural look and feel.

b. We do not recommend the strip of fake lashes. 90% of the time the lash strip starts to peel up by the end of the day and you can see it in pictures. If your makeup artist is doing lashes, the individual fake lashes look better in photos, but we still recommend the semi-permanent extensions overall. 


As photographers, we see photos in a very unique way. We notice the lighting, coloring, the location, time of day, the natural elements (wind, sun are, fog), the posing, the height of the couple, etc. We know from experience that ALL of these aspects are what create the mood & feel of that particular photo.

Recreating someone else’s photo takes a lot of time to stage correctly. When time is something we are always working against, that time that could be better spent creating something unique.

So, if you want to get the most out of your wedding photos, here are a few tips for brides:

1. Use Pinterest early on in your planning process to pin photos that you like & are attracted to. Once you’ve chosen your photographer (US), give them your trust & support to capture your big day.

2. Remember your wedding is about you and your day. You want to look back at your photos and feel like they are the best representations of who you are....not just an okay rendition of a photo you saw on Pinterest. Give your photographer the green light to choose poses and locations that flatter you and your wedding aesthetic.

3. Be realistic about how you will be feeling on your wedding day. If you want to be comfortable and portable on your big day, wear a dress and shoes that allow you to do that.

As photographers, we would rather be spending the precious time we have on a wedding day experimenting with a couple and figuring out how they work together in poses that feel really natural. We also want to be inspired by the surroundings we’re in and be able create new one-of- a-kind shots. In no way is this post meant to offend any brides out there, it’s really just to share a photographer’s perspective and thoughts on the topic. As much as you want to have incredible photos and memories... we want to take an active part in creating them.”