Secrets for awesome wedding photos

Here are 17 photography tips we’ve created to help you prepare for amazing wedding photographs:

Think about color coordination for your wedding photos when planning your venue, attire and décor. Bright pink bridesmaids could clash with a red barn, and dark bridesmaids dresses will disappear against darker green scenery. If you need other color suggestions or discretions please ask us!

Don’t be afraid to take a risk! Most of the couples we work with enjoy truly unique poses, ideas and moments and are willing to take our crazy suggestions of, “try climbing on this” or “why don’t you lay down here.” – It’s not always comfortable trying new things in a ginormous dress but the unique pictures are worth it! If you like traditional photos, then standing in one spot in front of the venue will be just fine. If you want different creative shots, be prepared to move around a little bit. Don’t feel crushed when you have a little dirt under your wedding dress from walking around. Enjoy your dress; you only get to wear it once! 

Plan for most of the photos before the ceremony. Most of our couples choose to do a “ first look” and the photos before the ceremony and here’s why: Your guests do not have to wait for you - Once they show up for the ceremony you can enjoy every second with them. Your hair and makeup will look its best if you go right into pictures after getting ready. You have time to embrace the emotions with your spouse during the first look because it’s just the two of you.... intimate and without rush. You will get a better variety of pictures and they will be fun, relaxed, and without stress because there is plenty of time set aside. You will have time to go off-site for some of the couple photos and you’re not locked in to doing ALL of your photos outside or inside of the venue. We’ve done it both ways and it’s less stressful for everyone involved to do photos beforehand.

 • Tell us about any insecurities. This doesn’t mean a list of 25 things you want to change about yourself. However you or your fiancé have something that you’re self-conscious about, you may want to suggest that it be avoided when possible in photographs. (Birthmarks, scars, etc.)

Stand up straight. Slouching isn’t very flattering in photos. Sit and stand up straight but don’t look too stiff either.

Separate your arms from your body for the posed shots. Many brides have mentioned to me that they don’t like their arms so I offer them this tip. Sometimes a hand on the hip or holding the bouquet in a way to get your arms away from your body a little bit makes the arms look smaller and more flattering.

Know your good side. This may sound silly, but put your wedding dress on and look at yourself from every angle in the mirror before the wedding day! You want your photos to be the most flattering possible,
so make sure you know which postures, angles, and details are your favorite! Also, check to see exactly how tight your dress can be laced before getting that back skin coming over, and check to see how much cleavage you have while sitting down. Check yourself out and modify the details of your dress before the wedding day to ensure flattering photos! Also, remember that during the ceremony you are on the left side from the audience’s perspective and your right side will be showing. If you’re doing all of your hair pulled to one side you may want it on the right. (same goes for the bridesmaids) 

Know what smile looks best. The last thing you want is to get your wedding photos back and hate your natural or posed expressions. A great way to test your favorite smiles and natural expressions is with an engagement session. It’s kind of like a test run to see what you like best.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. You may have a fool proof plan of every single detail for your wedding but weather, people and circumstances are often unpredictable. Don’t get hung up on little things and let it ruin your day. Focus on each other during the couple’s session so we can get some natural and romantic shots of you two flirting and having fun on your wedding day. 

• Bring an extra pair of shoes. It’s a long day on your feet so bring a pair of flats if your shoes aren’t comfy! If your shoes are white and you don’t want them to get dirty, you may want to bring an identical pair or backup pair for photos.

Summer weddings are HOT. Consider bringing some oil absorbing sheets for those being photographed. I don’t know about you, but sweaty pictures of me aren’t the cutest.

Shade. The best lighting for photos will be in the shade or with the sun to your backs. We don’t like spots that have the sun beaming on you because then you’re squinting and it is really harsh light for photographs. We prefer nice even shaded spots, which are much cooler for summer weddings as well!! If you have your heart set on one special spot at the venue but it’s in the direct sunlight, we can always go back and take some photos there around sunset when all of the light is even.

Groom’s socks. This may sound funny, but make sure the groom wears tall socks that match his suit! If we have you sit down for some photos, we don’t want to see the white socks with a Nike logo peeking out from underneath your black tux.

Consider hiring vendors (cake, flowers, hair, and makeup) that will come to you on the wedding day. The more vendors that come to you, the less you have to worry about. The time will y by, so having them come to you really saves on the transportation time.

Unity Candle/Sand. If you’re doing a unity candle/sand, etc. during the ceremony, consider going on the other side of the table so the audience can see you, and we can take some great photos. If not, no big deal but it’s just a thought!

For the bouquet & garter toss, have the DJ do a countdown to build anticipation and we can know when to take the photo. (you can do a fake one if you want.... the guests usually think it’s funny)

Remind your bridal party & family several times before the wedding day what time to arrive for photos! More often than not we are waiting on family to arrive, someone forgot, someone didn’t know where to meet, they got confused on the time, etc. and then the family photos are held up because we’re waiting for them or we end up doing them during the reception time which takes away from you hanging out with guests. Please, please, please remind everyone that you included in your family shots list to arrive on time and not to leave the premises until we are completely done with family photos. (Most immediate family members will be in multiple shots with different arrangements). We just want to make the most of the time on your wedding day, and not waste any more time than we need to.