Associate Photographer

After several years of being unable to accommodate some weddings because I was either already booked, or the bride and groom were on stricter budget, I decided it was time to add an associate program to ARA Photography. I have worked many years building my brand, so how could I just turn over weddings to someone else to shoot with my name on it? Well, with the strict requirements and expectations set forth for my associate photographers,  finding the right photographer(s) to represent my studio has always presented challenges. Since i'm not looking to add 20 photographers to my team (it’s not the way I conduct business), finding the perfect fit took many years.  Then, I met my  “creative twin”. I will talk more about her later in this post.  She has the same goals, vision, expertise, and passions as I do. She champions building relationships and loving our clients the way that I do. She is a very talented wedding photographer, and I’m so honored to welcome her to my team.

The “ARA Photography Associate” program is perfect for couples on a limited budget who want to enjoy all of the advantages of working with my studio. My associate possesses a similar style as myself. All of the photo editing will be done by me (yours truly) so you will still receive my personal artistic touch on your photographs. All product fulfillment will still be provided by the ARA Photography brand, and because my studio will oversee all of the client care, communication & product fulfillment, and it will free up the associate photographer to do what she love most; Shooting your beautiful weddings!  We will be able to offer top notch photography services at a more affordable rate. You are not "settling"  when you hire my team, they are an extension of me. All ARA brides, both mine and the associates, will always be treated with love, respect, and care. I hope you enjoy my very first Associate, Jessica! I promise you will fall in love with her too! 

San Antonio Wedding Photographer

Meet Jessica
(Associate Photographer)

Jessica graduated college with a Bachelors in Pre-Medicine but realized quickly after graduation that she needed a career where her creative side could flourish. Flash forward a few years when her long-time photography passion turned into a business.

Photographing weddings and engagements makes her heart sing! She loves the relationships she’s able to build with her clients, values an amazing and personal client experience and is known for her attention to detail while capturing your beautiful wedding day.

Some random facts:

1. Originally from California
2. Loves a sun-kissed, sandy-hair surfing-filled day at the beach
3. Loves spending time with her husband, daughter and fur baby
4. Traveling
5. A good bottle of red wine
6. Ghirardelli brownies (or anything chocolate!)
and singing.

Associate Photographer Wedding pricing start at $1,800 wedding photography coverage by an associate photographer

Scenic Springs Wedding

“Loving someone and having them love you back is the most precious thing in the world.”

Nancy and Carlos’ love story is one that truly touched my heart.  Their love was found later in life, but the fact that their love blossomed after trials and tribulations, makes it the sweetest kind of love.

Nancy and Carlos were married on a sunny August day at Scenic Springs in Helotes, Texas. There was much anticipation in the air and they each prepared for the ceremony.  Nancy looked radiant in her white lace gown with her hair styled up.  Carlos was dashing in his matching gray vest and slacks and peacock blue and purple plaid neck tie.  On his lapel, he wore a single Calla Lily.  Nancy walked down the aisle with a bouquet of Calla Lilies on the arm of her son.  Once they reached the flowered arch, he joined the wedding party, which consisted of Nancy and Carlos’ children and their two best friends, and Nancy joined hands with Carlos.  They exchanged heartfelt vows in front of their closest family and friends and sealed their union with a passionate kiss.

The reception was held in the beautiful Scenic Springs grand indoor hall.  Dinner and dancing were enjoyed by all the wedding guests.  Carlos gave a beautiful toast in which he thanked several of his military friends, who literally saved his life.  Without them, that special wedding day would not have been possible.  

Carlos and Nancy, thank you for the privilege of photographing your special day and thank you for your military service.  We wish you a lifetime of happiness together.

La Orilla Del Rio Wedding

It was such a pleasure to photograph this in love and seriously photogenic couple, Rich and Felise!  They are the sweetest couple and clearly in love. Here are our favorite captures from their Summer wedding at La Orilla Del Rio Ballroom.