How to prepare for your bridal session

Hello Bride-To-Bee’s Since this is most likely the first time you’ve had bridal portraits taken, you may be looking for a few tips on how to prepare for your session. Having shot many, many bridal portraits, I am happy to share some insight and bridal session tips!

1. Plan your hair and makeup trial for the day of your session! Make this a full on day of pampering ladies! You will feel so much more confident leaving the details to the professionals.

2. Bring your veil with you but put it in halfway through the session. It’s so much easier to mess up perfectly done locks when taking the veil OUT. Let’s get a few shots of you without your veil and then we can add it in later!

3. Bring your MOH or Mom with you to help carry the train or hold your veil or feed you a few sips of champagne :-) You and I can definitely make it work alone but I’ve found that having a bestie or your mom along really enhances your experience.

4. **Getting real here** Don’t wear your bra for a few hours beforehand if you have a backless dress! On your wedding day this isn’t a problem but a bridal session typically happens around sunset so you’ve had all day for those lovely bra lines to sink into your back! Eeek!

5. Since you’re having your hair and makeup trial, why not do a trial run of your bouquet as well?! It’s just an extra prop that can be really handy to have! If your exact flowers aren’t in season just grab a few like-colors or ask your florist if there’s a fake bouquet that you could rent.

6. Make sure you clean your diamond!! I’ll be doing a few close-up ring shots so you want to make sure it sparkles like the day you first received it!

7. Bring some water bottles!! Posing is actually kind of hard work and with your heavy dress you could work up a little bit of a sweat. It’s important to have some water on hand in case you need it.

8. Feel free to bring a few props along! If you’re not sure of something, ask me and we’ll figure out what could work!

9. Accept that your dress will get a little bit dirty. To get the most beautiful shots we’ll need to risk it a little and your hemline might have a few smudges on it by the time we’re finished. Of course, I’m not going to make you roll in the mud or anything drastic but just know and be prepared for the fact that walking around outside in your dress may make the undersides a little dirty. Schedule your last cleaning for AFTER our session.

10. Location! Both outdoor and indoor locations can be stunning for bridal portraits.  It is important to remember that many places require permits or rental fees to take photos on their property. Your wedding venue is always a great option. Many venues will allow you to take your bridal photos there at no extra cost

Lastly, Relax and HAVE FUN!!! This time is all about you and how BEAUTIFUL you look! Enjoy it!

Dear Bride-to-Be

San Antonio Bridals

What is a Bridal Portrait?

A Bridal Portrait is a really fun Southern tradition. It is a picture of the bride in her full wedding day attire (dress, veil, hair, makeup, jewelry, and bouquet) taken 1-2 months before the wedding and is typically displayed at the wedding reception.  

You can think of your Bridal Portrait as a dress rehearsal for the “Big Day”.  You get the opportunity to trial run your hairstyle and makeup, it is good practice in front of the camera, and it allows you to wear your dress more than once!  Many times, brides will change something about their wedding day look after the bridal session.  Sometimes they don’t like the way their hairstyle looked with the veil, or their shoes were too high, or their makeup wasn’t quite right.  Each time, the bride was able to make those adjustments before the wedding day - all thanks to the Bridal Portrait!

Where does a Bridal Portrait take place?

Your Bridal Portrait can take place in any location that has the atmosphere that you are looking for.  You can go for a sophisticated feeling, or urban, rustic, romantic, etc.  Many brides also choose to have their Bridal Portrait session at their wedding reception venue.  We can help you decide on the perfect place for your Portrait.

What should I bring with me?

1. The most important thing you will need is an assistant! Bring your mom, bridesmaid, or a friend to help you during your session.  You will need someone to help you, get you water, and fluff your dress.  

2. Bring walking shoes.  We don’t want your wedding shoes getting dirty as we move around, especially if we will be taking pictures outside. I recommend you bring something easy to slip on and off so we can easily put on your wedding shoes in the shots where your feet will show.  

3. Don’t forget your bouquet.  Flowers are always beautiful and give you something to do with your hands!  Your bouquet does not have to be as large or elaborate as your wedding day bouquet.  You can ask your florist to make you a portrait bouquet or you can even make one yourself.

4. You will need a sheet or drop cloth to keep your dress clean.  We will place it under your dress and try our best to keep your dress as clean as possible.  If your dress does manage to get a bit dingy, make sure to schedule a cleaning before your wedding day.

5. Props are welcome.  Aside from your bouquet, feel free to bring any other props that are special to you.  A fun pair of shoes, a wrap, a headpiece, or even your pet.  This is a great chance to play with your wedding attire!

6. Please eat a good, solid meal before your session.  It is also a good idea to bring cold water bottles and plenty of healthy snacks.  You want to be feeling great for your session and not being hungry is a big part of that! Also, we don’t want you fainting in a heavy dress in the sun. So, make sure you eat!

7. Remember to relax!  Try to let go of any nerves or insecurities and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Have fun, laugh, and enjoy this very special occasion.

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