Grannberry Hills Sneak Peek

Tiffany and Carlos officially tied the knot! The best part? I was lucky enough to capture the whole thing with my camera! There are so many great shots here are some sneak peeks!

Texas Old Town at Kyle Texas Wedding

Ashley and Lane were married at the sprawling Texas Old Town in Kyle, Texas.  Ashley and Lane have been together since high school and after a long engagement they were both ecstatic to finally have reached their wedding day. The month of May 2015 was the wettest on record, but the clouds parted just for Ashley and Lane to have their beautiful outdoor ceremony.  A radiant Ashely was escorted down the aisle by her brother to an expectant and handsome Lane.  The couple exchanged intimate, hand-written vows and there was not a dry eye in the place!  When they were pronounced husband and wife they shared a beautiful, sweet kiss and matching smiles.

The reception was held in the lovely Rosebud hall where guests dined on barbecue and sweet desserts that included cookies, individual pies and, of course, wedding cake!  Guests danced the night away to music played by a DJ and the bride's brother and friend entertained guests with a special guitar performance.

Congratulations to two people who are truly meant to be together!  Thank you for letting us be such an important part of your day!


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Noah's Event Venue San Antonio Texas

What a beautiful couple Kishua and Derrick and their fabulous venue! Here are some of our favorites. SAWG_ARAPhotography_002SAWG_ARAPhotography_003 SAWG_ARAPhotography_004 SAWG_ARAPhotography_005 SAWG_ARAPhotography_006 SAWG_ARAPhotography_007 SAWG_ARAPhotography_008 SAWG_ARAPhotography_009 SAWG_ARAPhotography_010 SAWG_ARAPhotography_011SAWG_ARAPhotography_012 SAWG_ARAPhotography_013 SAWG_ARAPhotography_014 SAWG_ARAPhotography_015 SAWG_ARAPhotography_016 SAWG_ARAPhotography_017 SAWG_ARAPhotography_018 SAWG_ARAPhotography_019 SAWG_ARAPhotography_020SAWG_ARAPhotography_021 SAWG_ARAPhotography_022 SAWG_ARAPhotography_023 SAWG_ARAPhotography_024 SAWG_ARAPhotography_025 SAWG_ARAPhotography_026 SAWG_ARAPhotography_027 SAWG_ARAPhotography_028 SAWG_ARAPhotography_029SAWG_ARAPhotography_030 SAWG_ARAPhotography_031 SAWG_ARAPhotography_032 SAWG_ARAPhotography_033 SAWG_ARAPhotography_034 SAWG_ARAPhotography_035 SAWG_ARAPhotography_036 SAWG_ARAPhotography_037