Helotes Texas Wedding

Scenic Springs Wedding

“Loving someone and having them love you back is the most precious thing in the world.”

Nancy and Carlos’ love story is one that truly touched my heart.  Their love was found later in life, but the fact that their love blossomed after trials and tribulations, makes it the sweetest kind of love.

Nancy and Carlos were married on a sunny August day at Scenic Springs in Helotes, Texas. There was much anticipation in the air and they each prepared for the ceremony.  Nancy looked radiant in her white lace gown with her hair styled up.  Carlos was dashing in his matching gray vest and slacks and peacock blue and purple plaid neck tie.  On his lapel, he wore a single Calla Lily.  Nancy walked down the aisle with a bouquet of Calla Lilies on the arm of her son.  Once they reached the flowered arch, he joined the wedding party, which consisted of Nancy and Carlos’ children and their two best friends, and Nancy joined hands with Carlos.  They exchanged heartfelt vows in front of their closest family and friends and sealed their union with a passionate kiss.

The reception was held in the beautiful Scenic Springs grand indoor hall.  Dinner and dancing were enjoyed by all the wedding guests.  Carlos gave a beautiful toast in which he thanked several of his military friends, who literally saved his life.  Without them, that special wedding day would not have been possible.  

Carlos and Nancy, thank you for the privilege of photographing your special day and thank you for your military service.  We wish you a lifetime of happiness together.

Scenic Springs Wedding, Helotes Texas

Steve and Kimberly were married at the beautiful Scenic Springs in Helotes, TX.  It was so beautiful to see how incredibly excited Kimberly was to marry Steve.  There were many tears of joy shed both before and during the ceremony.  But once the "I do's" were said, it was all smiles and celebration.  Their wedding day was beginning of a beautiful family that includes Steve's sweet daughter and son and the couple's dogs. Congratulations Steve and Kimberly!  Thank you for letting us capture your perfect day.

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