Our 10 year Business Anniversary!

1-0 TEN thats a lot!

10 years ago, in 2007, I embarked on a wonderful adventure. I became a small business owner! I founded ARA Photography at the end of my senior year of college with absolutely no business ownership experience! I took a risk, dove in head first, and hoped for the best. All I had was a camera that my parents purchased for me, my talents, and a name. I did one wedding pro-bono just to get my feet wet in the world of weddings. After that first experience, I knew it was going to be fun! Who knew it would’ve lasted this long.  

As I grew as a business owner, I learned many things, but the best thing of all was learning from my mistakes. Through those mistakes I was able to take my business to the next level and I am not stopping anytime soon! I also learned that running your own business requires a lot of love, encouragement, and support from others.

I want to give a special thanks to some very important people.

Thank you to my husband, for giving up his Saturdays (sometime Sunday) with me so I can shoot a wedding, and the few nights when I sit at the computer editing pictures; also, for the support and encouragement to keep going.

I shot all my weddings solo for the first year then I met my partner in weddings as I like to refer to her, Alexandra. Since then she has been by my side. The places that we have traveled, the food, the cakes, the dances, and different cultures that we have experience together; THANK YOU!

To my wedding vendors’ friends, you all are the most talented human beings I have ever met THANK YOU! For creating fabulous weddings for me to photograph.

The best thing about this business is the people and the stories. As most of you know I am a hopeless romantic I pretty much tear up every 1st dance, father and daughter, and mother and son dances. To the amazing couples and their families I have met along the way, THANK YOU for sharing your fairy tales with me.

Here we are now 2017, I am excited for the next 10 years, and I know the future is very bright!

PS: As we celebrate our 10 years in the business, I would like to extend $500 off our wedding collections for 2017-2018 weddings.

ARA Photography

San Antonio Wedding Photographer