Helotes Texas

Averie and Alex Spring Texas Wedding

Averie and Alex were married on a perfect spring day at the scenic Gardens at Old Town Helotes.  Averie and Alex have been together since high school and thus, have the same group of close knit friends.  The place was absolutely buzzing with friends and family, all excited to celebrate with them.  One very special family member attending was the couple's pug, Tuna, dressed to the nines in his very own tuxedo as a member of the wedding party.

The ceremony began and Averie's bridesmaids, dressed in the perfect shade of aqua, made their way to the gazebo.  Averie appeared with her father in a beaded, glittery dress that made all her guests sigh.  She met Alex at the gazebo and a intimate, heartfelt ceremony was officiated by none other than the bride's very own brother.  The couple kissed and were pronounced husband and wife.  As the guests cheered, Tuna, barked right along, excited that his humans were hitched!

The reception was filled with personal details of the couple: A Game of Thrones themed seating chart, a personalized sign in for guests, photos of the couple throughout the years and a super fun photo booth.  Four people from the couple's wedding party gave happy, tearful toasts all testifying to the couples constant love and support of each other and their combined family and friends.  One of the groomsmen said it best when he said, "Alex and Averie, you two aren't finally getting married, you are only just beginning your life together."  Beautiful words for a beautiful couple.

Congratulations Averie and Alex!  We are so honored to have been a part of your special day.

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Scenic Springs Wedding, Helotes Texas

Steve and Kimberly were married at the beautiful Scenic Springs in Helotes, TX.  It was so beautiful to see how incredibly excited Kimberly was to marry Steve.  There were many tears of joy shed both before and during the ceremony.  But once the "I do's" were said, it was all smiles and celebration.  Their wedding day was beginning of a beautiful family that includes Steve's sweet daughter and son and the couple's dogs. Congratulations Steve and Kimberly!  Thank you for letting us capture your perfect day.

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